MODA Mission:  To promote the use of oxen to our American youth as well as to those in foreign lands, so that all may be shown their diversity and skills, even in this modern world. We do this to keep our American heritage alive and to educate those who can benefit from our experiences.​


Documents and Resources

Member Interview- Dale Parsons on Headyokes

Small Farming with Oxen- Grit Magazine  
By Rob Collins

Yoke Fit:

Tim Harrigan explains and demonstrates proper yoke fit in this short, clear video featuring his single Dutch Belted ox, Will.

Oxen Driving Class:

Rob Collins's video, shot during the March 2016 Oxen Driving Class at Tillers International, features a number of shots of Tillers' Milking Shorthorn oxen at work in a farm setting and several shots of a four-ox hitch plowing.

Draft Animal Logging Class:

Rob Collins's video, shot during the February 2016 Draft Animal Class at Tillers International, shows Tillers' oxen skidding, hauling, and loading logs. 

International Applications:

"Refining Ox Power in Burkina" Faso show's Tim Harrigan's excellent work with Michigan State University, Tillers International and others in West Africa during September 2016. 

Casting an Ox

Two methods of casting an ox if you need to work on it and you do not have stocks or other restraints available. At the Midwest Ox Drovers Gathering, June, 2013 at Tillers International in Scotts, MI. Demonstration by Dr. Heidi Nicolls, DVM.  Shot and edited by Tim Harrigan