MODA Mission:  To promote the use of oxen to our American youth as well as to those in foreign lands, so that all may be shown their diversity and skills, even in this modern world. We do this to keep our American heritage alive and to educate those who can benefit from our experiences.​



Held each year on the weekend after Father's Day at Tillers International in Scotts, MI, MODA's annual Gathering started as a reunion of sorts for one of Tillers Oxen Basics classes, but has grown into a special event where first time visitors are welcomed, drovers and teams can participate in work and friends old and new can enjoy oxen and working cattle.
Please check back for the final schedule.  Events maybe rescheduled, moved, or canceled due to weather or events outside of our control. 

1st place:    A Tillers International class of your choice.  
2nd place:   New 4-inch Tim Huppe-made yoke, donated
                   by Ron Davis
3rd place:    Choice of hardware for either a single or double yoke                    made by Larry Cooper

Please note: other than meal times, the schedule is flexible. 
Friday, June 23rd

3-6 pm         Arrival of members of teams Sign in/registration
6 pm-           Dinner in the Big Tent (reserve meals with Tillers)
7:30 pm       Social hour / campfire time

Saturday, June 24th

8 am            Breakfast
9-11 am      Drive an Ox team- at the Blacksmith Shop. (First                         time drovers encouraged to do the obstacle course)
                    Field Operations - weather dependent

10:30 am    Hitch demonstration near the wood shop- see various                    ways to hook to implements- do and don’ts. (With                         Rob Collins) 
Noon           Lunch/Auction Preview
1 pm           Live Auction in the Big Tent
2-3 pm       Moving and Stacking Logs- with Tillers' Staff by                         the Woodshop
                  Drive an Ox team for first timers- at the Blacksmith                     Shop.
                  Field Operations - weather dependent
4-6 pm       Lisa Carpenter presentation in the Museum Building
6 pm          Dinner
6:30pm      MODA Member Meeting
7:00 pm     Roundtable discussion in the Big Tent

Sunday, June 25th-

8 am          Breakfast
                  MODA Board Meeting
9:30 am     Annual ox walk
10 am        Obstacle course
Noon          Lunch
1 pm          Raffle